Marvel better than DC

Commentary by
Joan Crinnion
After the release of Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad, it seems like the DC extended universe (DCEU) just cannot get itself started off. The movie that featured arguably the three most recognizable superheroes did not reach huge success. Most DC fans claim that the failure lies in both critics and fans going to theaters expecting to see a Marvel movie. They claim that every Marvel movie follows what they call the “Marvel Formula.”

They seem to claim that the so-called “Marvel formula” is a light quib filled movie where a hero with clear heart defeats a two-dimensional villain. They also claim that these movies have no deeper meaning to challenge the audience, but are merely designed for children. These fans claim that DC films have a dark, serious tone that movie goers are not used to seeing after years of getting used to Marvel films.

These fans however fail to see the 10 years of investment Marvel spent in growing both their extended universe and the fans trust in their company. When I go to see a Marvel movie I am confident in the quality of the movie because of the years of great films that the studio released.

The credit scenes and cameos also get you excited about characters to come.
In my opinion there is no Marvel formula. They just know how to invest in up and coming actors, directors, writers and even characters. The latter is the reason I would give for their great success.

Every person working on the Marvel movies is passionate about the projects they are working on, and the company allows them the freedom to create their stories. Their brand is also so trusted that they can get virtually unknown comics to break box office records, as they did with Guardians of the Galaxy.

They do this by getting us invested into these characters and stories.
In my opinion for the DCEU to be able to continue they need to build a solid plan for the future. Suicide Squad was arguably a critical failure because of the rushed script and late reshoots.

The franchise has to take these complaints to in consideration for future films. BvS had to introduce Batman, Wonder Women, Lex Luthor, Doomsday and the future Justice League movie. That was too much for them to do in one movie. DC basically tried to get the development that Marvel did in 10 years in two movies a goal that was unachievable.

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