Students react to Healthier U Day

Kelly Ross
Staff Writer

The Center for Health Education and Wellness sponsored the second annual Healthier U Day on the Dionne Green on Sept. 16. The event was a celebration of wellness and included health screenings, educational activities and wellness classes.

The event was well-attended. Students began to line up for the event much earlier than previously anticipated. The combination of the free health screenings and the free t-shirt to the first 600 students had people eager to be one of the first to show up and complete the event.

Senior Robert Bauer said he spoke with some of the staff members during the event who were excited by the turnout.

“It was surprisingly a good turnout. I did not expect that many people, and all the student seemed happy and excited… the line for the event stretched from the DeNaples patio all along the path toward LSC,” Bauer said.

Clubs and organizations around campus were represented at Healthier U Day. Many of them were behind tables answering questions and giving out information. Some of these organizations, like The Jane Kopas Women’s Center spoke about sexual assault awareness and prevention, while Center for Health and Education Wellness spoke about meditation and mindfulness.

Other offices like the Center for Career Development helped students. Junior Aileen Moore said the information those organizations and clubs distributed contributed to the success of the event.

“I thought that Healthier U Day was a success because it included a wide variety of clubs and organizations that focused on aspects other than physical health,” Moore said.

Students found an importance in Healthier U Day, even though the event is still relatively new. Junior Nicole Goglia said she thought the event was successful and was important for what it reminded college students to do.

“It serves as a reminder that we as students have to take care of ourselves in a variety of ways, whether it’s physically, mentally or socially, in order to perform our best,” Goglia said.

The Center for Health Education and Wellness sponsors other events throughout the year that promote living a healthy lifestyle. The center is dedicated to the promotion of wellness in the body, mind and spirit.

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