Women’s golf tees off on inaugural season

Katherine McVeagh

Staff Writer

The University’s women’s golf team made history when it came to be this fall, as it is the first women’s golf team at The University.

“It’s cool to start off as the team, to watch the team grow and to be a part of it for the next four years,” first-year Kristen Davis said. The team is comprised of 10 student athletes, with grade levels ranging from first-years to juniors.

“It is an individual game, so leadership-wise it’s not that much,” junior captain Katie Allen said. “We’re all there to play, and we’re becoming a family, as our coach says.”

When Allen first heard there would be a women’s golf team at The University, she went to work. She contacted the coach and began recruiting girls to join the team.

“I had no idea, and had no intent (in playing golf for the University), but Katie came up to me,” Davis said. The word of the golf team spread; as junior Julie Cranney noted, she heard about it via Facebook.

Cranney had not played golf competitively before, just leisurely with her father and brother, so she was excited when this opportunity came about. “Playing golf at the college level is great,” she said. Both Allen and Davis played golf competitively in high school, and were pleasantly surprised at the opportunity to play collegiately.

The Royals continued to make history by playing their first match, and earning their first win, Sept. 13.
They faced Wilkes University at Glenmaura National Golf Club in Moosic and dominated each match, roaring to a 5-0 victory. Allen started the day with the first shot in school history.

“That exact thought (taking the first shot in school history) ran through my head, which made it 10 times more intimidating, but I think it was all right. After that it was easy,” Allen said.

Allen, Cranney and Davis noted that knowing each of their teammates was succeeding throughout the match, as well as encouragement from their coach, made the victory easier to attain.

The Royals look forward to keep practicing and playing as well as they did in the first round of matches.
Excited for the challenge of facing new teams, they will look to keep the history-making going in their first season.
They will be back in action Sunday, as they face Wilkes University, Arcadia University and Marywood University at the Scranton Municipal Golf Course in Mount Cobb at 1 p.m.

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