Internship panel educates students

Jordan Reis
Business Editor

Internships are extremely important to securing a job. They serve as a dry run. Companies use an applicant’s internship history, either with its own company or with another, to gauge whether they can adjust and do the required job straight out of college. Internships are not just seen as résumé stackers anymore.

Presented by The University of Scranton Business Club, a panel of eight seniors who have experience interning at various companies imparted their knowledge to fellow students.

The eight were handpicked to represent not only a variety of industries and majors, but also for their respective experiences at internships. The panelists answered questions regarding all parts of the internship process, finding, securing and attending.

The panelists went in depth on things such as how to stand out as an intern, behavior on the job and going out socially with bosses and co-interns. A main piece of advice given was to remember that you are doing these internships during break, and you should try to enjoy yourself every once in a while.

It is easy to overwork as an intern, the motto of first in, last out will be at the forefront of any intern’s mind. But remember, you do not get extra points for staying if you pass out at your desk.

The panel as a whole stressed that as an intern, every day will be different, so be ready to adjust to situations at hand. Versatility and ability to adapt were mentioned as great differentiators.
A major portion of the talk was focused on how to behave during an internship. It is important to make sure to maintain a level of professionalism around supervisors and other interns

. You must remember that you may end up working with your fellow interns or that the interns may have family or close friends in the management of the company.

The panel received a large turnout and will most likely be a recurring event. Students took a lot away Marc Palucci, a sophomore finance major, weighed in on how effective the panel was.

“I learned a lot. If I ever got an internship, my main goal would be to stand out. Hearing how other people did it really inspires me and will help me tailor my internship”.

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