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In today’s day and age, politics are involved in every aspect of life. Especially with this year’s presidential election causing so many debates and controversies, this year’s election will definitely be a nail biter.

Not only are the candidates for both parties a major talking point, but this is also the first presidential election that many millennials, such as myself, are able to be a part of.

Many of our parents and teachers are stressing that we need to pay attention to the election and that this is our year to possibly make a difference.

This is an extremely heavy thought to have when considering not only who to vote for, but also what political party you even want to be affiliated with.

Personally, I find it very difficult to not only consider who I am going to vote for but also what party I want to be associated with mainly due to the fact that politics are such a sensitive subject.

Growing up I was always taught that there are three topics that you should never discuss or ask people about, one of which being politics. Politics are such a sensitive subject to discuss, especially revolving around the current election, because people become so involved in their own opinions that they end up getting into a very heated argument.

I personally am not a political person and prefer to keep my opinions to myself.

I do this to avoid the possibility of having people jump down my throat and criticize my own opinion just because it is not the same as theirs. From the very beginning of this election people became very heated about who was going to vote for either Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or even Gary Johnson.

Every candidate’s supporters would force their opinions down each other’s throats in every way possible. I remember how in the early stages of the election I could not even log on to any social media site without seeing rants and arguments about why one candidate was better than the other.

This is the exact reason why I think that people should be keeping their opinions to themselves because it is just that, an opinion.

More recently, the presidential debate took place on Monday night and was definitely watched by many. When the debate was going on, my entire house and our friends gathered to watch it.

Being the type of person who does not like to express their opinion on the subject, I sat in the corner and observed not only the debate but everyone’s reactions. After watching everyone’s reactions, I found that my opinion that political views should not be discussed would have made watching the debate go a lot smoother.

Every time either Clinton or Trump would say something that someone in my house did not agree with, then everyone would become very vocal and ended up missing either a rebuttal or even two more topics that were discussed.

This happened multiple times, and because of the unwanted or unneeded opinions being vocalized everyone ended up questioning what the candidates had said afterwards throughout the majority of the debate.
In my opinion, being someone who does not enjoy discussing politics with others, I think this election would go much more smoothly if everyone kept their opinions to themselves.

Just because you have an opinion on a certain topic does not mean that you automatically need to vocalize it and your thoughts onto someone.

My standpoint on this topic may just be based on the fact that I was raised to not discuss topics like this, but I think that election would be much more enjoyable if everyone’s opinions were not automatically shot down by others who disagree.


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After the debates this Monday it is ever more apparent just how big of an issue scandals are in this election.

As most voters seem to not be voting for a candidate but against another candidate, it becomes hard to actually concentrate on the policy. In my opinion, during the debates little time should be spent on scandals and instead candidates should discuss those issues in another venue.

The issue of these scandals was also highlighted on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver the day before the debate. Oliver compared the biggest of each candidate’s scandals leaving others out because of time. Hillary’s largest scandals include the email scandal, Benghazi, and the Clinton Foundation.

Trump’s biggest were the Trump Foundation, housing discrimination, hiring undocumented workers, not paying workers and Trump University. One of these scandals is enough to break the public’s trust in a candidate.

Clinton’s scandals are all highly documented and investigated by the FBI and other government entities. She has so far not been found guilty of any criminal charges for any of these scandals. Mostly these scandals make the public question her judgment in the future.

The way Clinton handled Benghazi makes us question her foreign affairs and military decisions. Her handling of that situation brings into question her ability to handle future events.

Both the Clinton foundation and email scandal leave us to question her interests. After having people on her staff plead the fifth, we have to take these kinds of things in mind when making our vote.

As voters, it is our job to compare these scandals to the rest of the candidates past experience and take into perspective the policies besides the scandals.
Trump’s scandals for the most part have to do with his business dealings, but go into other territories.

In the debates, Clinton attacked Trump on housing discrimination, and not paying some workers or contractors. According to Ben Schreckinger at, that lawsuit was one of the biggest lawsuits ever brought to the U.S. Justice Department for housing discrimination against black people. Although even at the debate. Trump said he admitted no fault it still speaks to his character as a candidate.

This also hurts him because of his comments during the campaign about race. His shady business deals have lead to thousands of lawsuits and bankruptcies.

While Trump’s business at might have made sense to declare bankruptcy and negotiate deals to make money the country just cannot work that way. While in my opinion the greatest of Trump’s scandals is often the least talked about which is Trump’s sexual assault allegations and often open misogyny.

Media rarely touch these allegations, but they are just as negative to his character. This scandal in particular should be a concern to women voters who have to hope a president is looking out for their best interests.

This election has been a struggle to get through concentrating little on the candidates policies and more on their scandals. In the future I hope that we can get candidates that are of a higher standard to fill the highest position of office.

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