Student engagement with rec sports grows grogrwos

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With the Fall semester closing in on its midpoint, intramural sports at The University are in full swing.

The fall intramural sports season offers students a variety of sports to compete in including coed basketball, volleyball, wiffleball, kickball, ultimate frisbee and men’s and women’s flag football.

Students form teams with their friends and compete against fellow students to win the coveted intramural championship prize: a free T-shirt.

Students choose to participate in intramurals for a multitude of reasons, whether it be to make friends, stay active or to compete in the sport they love.

Senior intramural veteran and referee Avery Boyce noted the many benefits of playing on an intramural team.

“It’s a great way to meet new people, and you stay active, so if you don’t have time to go to the gym, you have time to go to an intramural game and have fun,” Boyce said.

Intramural games are held once a week, and a season typically consists of around seven games prior to playoffs. Teams make it into the playoffs based on a combination of record and sportsmanship rating, an important aspect of intramurals at The University.

Junior reigning dodgeball champion and basketball veteran Johanna Levine also touched upon the many reasons she loves intramurals and encourages all students to join.

“Intramurals have really allowed me to meet new people around campus who have common interests as me. It’s awesome to see your teammates around campus and I have made so many new friends because of it,” Levine said.

“Students should play intramural sports because they allow you to continue to play the sports you love after high school. Being a college student and D3 athlete can be demanding but playing intramurals allows you to find the perfect balance.”

When asked what could be changed to improve the intramural program here, both Boyce and Levine agreed that there was nothing they could think of.

“I think they run a great system. It’s given me an avenue of different friends and different people to hang out with between refs, teammates, opponents. It’s a good time, I like it,” Boyce said.

The intramural season usually comes to a wrap in late November come time for the championships to begin.

In the meantime, all intramural players will continue to play their hearts out until the championship games roll around, a T-shirt is claimed and bragging rights are won.

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