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Arianna Berardi

Being a college student means that you are definitely confined to a budget when it comes to “nonessential” personal items. However, that does not mean that you cannot still buy the latest products, but instead means that you need to find ways to get a product at a cheaper price.

Many students think that if they buy a brand name product from an outside vendor, then it will most likely be unauthentic. I personally thought this was true until I was told about different ways to find authentic products for extremely low costs.

After my roommate showed me a few different ways to find products that I was looking for, I looked more into the websites and apps as a whole. My personal favorites when it comes to finding authentic cosmetics products are Mercari, All Cosmetics Wholesale, eBay and occasionally Ulta.

All of these sites, apps and stores are an excellent and easy way to find genuine products for a variety of different cosmetic products. For example, you can get a genuine Kylie Lip Kit from eBay for practically half the price. Being the type of girl who loves not only a good lipstick or gloss but also a great deal, I was compelled to buy it. Some may think that buying something off eBay implies that the product is going to be used, damaged or a knock-off, but these lip kits were delivered in their original packaging and were authorized on the website before you even check out.

A similar product that can be purchased for an extremely low price is the Naked palettes by Urban Decay, which can be bought from All Cosmetics Wholesale for an exceptionally lower price.

One thing to note for this wholesale company is that the reason they are able to sell this name brand palette for such a low price is due to small errors or manufacturing mistakes.

The mistakes and or errors are normally small defects that occurred during development, such as misspellings, small scratches or marks or even something as simple as the packaging bring damaged before shipping it to stores. Wholesale companies then buy this extra product and are able to then sell it back to us at a much cheaper cost.

As a college student on a budget, I have no concern about whether or not a palette is spelled correctly or has a mark already on it, so long as the shades are the same ones that I am expecting, then I am perfectly content.
The last app that I would recommend to someone who is looking for an easy way to find low-cost cosmetics is Mercari. Mercari is an app for any smartphone where anyone can buy and sell various cosmetics and clothing products. The app and website are similar to eBay because you are buying the product from a private seller versus an actual brand. However, the site assures you whether or not the product is new, used, authentic or knock-off.
All of these outlets are excellent ways for college students on a budget to get the newest and most desired cosmetics at a shockingly low price. Plus the best part is that no one will notice if you got the makeup or clothes from somewhere else as long as you get the same colors and have confidence. Just remember that when using these outlets, or any others that you may come across, you are getting the most bang for your buck. Happy shopping everyone.

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