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All college students want to decorate their dorm rooms or rooms off-campus to match their unique personalities. While it’s easy to hang up lights and pictures, people often want to buy tapestries.

There are so many different kinds with different patterns and colors that pretty much anyone can find at least one they really like. Tapestries can be really expensive, especially if you want to buy larger ones.

People tend to rely on the most known sites such as Society6 and amazon to buy them, but there are other options available.
Amazon always seems to be everyone’s go-to website. It’s often thought that Amazon is the cheapest place to buy from. That’s not always the case. Amazon doesn’t have very many options to choose from. There is a decent amount but they tend to get more expensive the larger you want your tapestry. Although Amazon doesn’t have thousands of choices, at least you can pick the size you want.

Society6 has so many different options to choose from. That’s because artists can post their work and then people view and buy it. Think about it, the world is full of artists, so there is a never-ending supply of designs to choose from. While you can pick what size you want, the price only goes up. Society6 is already pretty pricey. Its small tapestries start out around $40, and the larger you want it the more expensive it gets.

There is another website called Trippy Store. It has all different tapestries in all different sizes. There are way more options than Amazon, and the prices are way better than Society6. Trippy Store is also really good at separating its decorations by categories so you don’t spend hours and hours just scrolling through the site.

However, if you like the idea of supporting artists there is another website that as of recently offers tapestries: Redbubble! The prices are adjustable unlike Society6, and there are endless options. Redbubble is like Trippystore and Society6 morphed together. The artists who post their designs can adjust the price to how they want it, making a better option than Society6!
All four websites are great options to look through if you have no idea what you want. However, if you want to have plenty of options and to try and save some money I would stick to Redbubble and Trippy Store.

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