Athlete Spotlight: Hannah DeMars

Jill Wall
Sports Co-Editor

Junior Hannah DeMars of The University’s women’s soccer team was named Athlete of the Week after helping the Royals clinch a top-seeded playoff spot in the Landmark Conference.
DeMars scored a pair of goals, both impressive headers, in the Royals victory over Goucher College on Saturday.
DeMars now has seven goals on the season, which is tied for second most on the team and fourth most in the Landmark Conference.
DeMars will help lead the Royals back into action 1 p.m. Saturday at Catholic University.

Q: When did you first start playing soccer?
A: I remember falling in love with soccer from the moment I started playing when I was four years old.

Q: What is your favorite part about soccer?
A: I think my favorite part about soccer is the sense of family that surrounds a team. Your teammates become your second family and there is honestly no better feeling than knowing that every single person on your team has your back no matter what happens. Being able to share indescribable moments with 30 of your best friends is an experience that not many other things can compare to.

Q: Why did you choose to come to and play at the University of Scranton?
A: I chose to come to The University for both academic and athletic reasons. Not only does The University have great academics, but the women’s soccer team has a long-lasting tradition of success. I knew that coming here would help push me to be the best person I could be both on and off the soccer field.

Q: Do you have any specific pre-game rituals or superstitions?
A: I definitely have a lot of pre-game rituals and superstitions. The main ones involve handshakes with a couple different people right before the game begins. As soon as we break from our huddle on the field Katie Cullen and I do our handshake, and then Carolyn Warner and I do ours. Another ritual I have is that I have to listen to the same song as we walk down the stairs to Fitz when we have home games.

Q: Who do you consider to be your role model or greatest influence?
A: My role model and greatest influence in my life is my grandfather. I definitely get my drive for success from him. Ever since I was younger he has taught me that no dream is too big no matter what it is. He has always encouraged me to go after every single goal I have and not to stop until I accomplish everything I want to. He has been my number one fan my entire career and I could not be where I am today without him.

Q: What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?
A: I would like to think that my greatest accomplishment so far has not come yet. If we win the Landmark Conference championship this year that will definitely be my greatest accomplishment. Up to this point though, I think my greatest accomplishment has been being given the honor of being captain of this team as a junior. This is a goal that I had in the back of my mind since before I came to Scranton. I just want to do whatever possible to help this team win the title (Landmark Conference championship) that it deserves.

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