Australians celebrate first halloween

Antonio Nikolic
Business Correspondent

Australia will be hitting its highest peak when it comes to Halloween spending this year. Australian culture has never seen Halloween as a holiday, but rather saw it as an American tradition that seemed not too purposeful.

Now, as major effects of social media have been making impressions on the industry and people in the past decade, Australia will be a participator in the American tradition of Halloween. Now that retailers know that kids and adults of all ages know of Halloween, they have targeted these two demographic groups by advertising sweet treats for this time of year.

Spotlight, a specialist company that is involved in crafts and costumes, jumped 100 percent in Halloween sales last year alone. This year, Spotlight expects to sell 40,000 fake spider webs and more than 30,000 costumes for adults and children. They are also expecting to sell more than 270 tons of pumpkins, which is equivalent to 595,248 pounds.

In Australia, they are now organizing events to celebrate Halloween. Luna Park hosts a four-night “Halloscream” event in Sydney and three nights in Melbourne. This is beneficial for retailers of Halloween products because now they are being offered more opportunities and places to sell their products.

Today’s statistic on how many Australians plan on celebrating Halloween this year is one in five. In Australia, retail costume makers target costumes of superheroes and fairies because Australians, unlike American Halloween celebrators, don’t like the scary monsters.

Marisa Parker, a first year student stated, “Halloween has always been a great American tradition, and it makes me glad to see that Australia’s Halloween retailers and people are benefitting from this transition of celebrating a new tradition.”
This transition into the celebration of Halloween is only becoming more popular as the years continue. In Australia, the next upcoming years are projected to see positive feedback in Halloween sales, and this trend is only predicted to grow as time goes on.

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