Enterprise offers students new ride service

Kelly Ross
Staff Writer

The University only allows juniors and seniors to have cars on campus, but first-year and sophomore students can also have access to cars through the Enterprise Carshare program.

The program is already active at The University and throughout multiple campuses across the U.S. Rideshare Account Executive Robert Fultz said the goal of the program is to give international students and students without access to a car the ability to have useful transportation.

“It helps to give them (students) the option to go to the mall or doctor’s appointments or whatever needs to be the case,” Fultz said.

Students have to become members online before they can rent the cars. Enterprise has a current promotion with Nissan, including no application fee and a $1 annual membership fee. Students can then rent a Nissan for $5 an hour after signing up.

“We have two cars for the University of Scranton, and both of them are Nissans, so they’re five bucks an hour which is discounted from 10 an hour,” Fultz said.

Fultz said the freedom of the Carshare program makes it different from other services like Uber.

“With Uber, it’s a great service, but you’re waiting on a driver to show up. Or, if you need to make multiple stops then you need to reserve multiple Ubers,” Fultz said. “So this (Carshare) definitely gives you a lot more freedom.”

The cost is another important difference between Carshare and Uber, Fultz said. The rates for Carshare are cheaper and can be even cheaper if a member splits the cost of a rental with multiple passengers.

“Five bucks an hour compared to an hour long Uber is definitely going to be a huge cost savings for you,” Fultz said. “But I think the big thing is definitely the freedom aspect of it and just owning the road, I guess you could say.”
Students only need to be 18 years old to rent the cars, Fultz said. However, the website notes that they also need a parent to submit a parental acknowledgement form.
“You only have to be 18 and over to, in essence, rent the vehicle,” Fultz said. “It gives you a lot of flexibility and a lot of freedom when it comes time that you need to get around campus or get around town at all.”

Members who are signed up online will receive a membership card. Members will use the membership card to reserve cars and unlock the car to gain access to the key during their rental.

Reservations can be made for any length of time. Fultz said he recommends making rentals, especially for the weekend, in advance. However, a reservation can be made at any time before the car is needed, he said.
“If you have a weekend trip coming up or fall break or Thanksgiving break, it is recommended to do it sooner the better to make sure we have the availability,” Fultz said.

The rates for the service include the cost of the vehicle, fuel and insurance on the vehicle, Fultz said. In case of accidents, members will pay the first $500 of damages. Enterprise will take full responsibility for any damages over the initial $500, he said.

Gas is included in the rates for the service. A fuel card is supplied by enterprise inside the vehicle. However, shorter trips usually don’t even require a trip to the gas station, Fultz said.

“We just ask whenever you’re done with the vehicle to make sure there’s a quarter tank in it,” Fultz said.

Distance per rental is also unlimited. However, if a member drives a car over 200 miles, they will incur fees of 20 cents for every extra mile.

For more information about the program, or to sign up, students can visit enterprisecarshare.com/Scranton.

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