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Commentary By
Carson Clabeaux

“Crooked Hillary,” as named by Donald Trump, has hard evidence of a devilish past. Ironically, the name suits her just as well as the handle for 5 foot 10 inches ‘Lil Marco.’ These names serve as a childish attack on current and past political foes from Trump, yet they both provide a basis of truth. Hillary Clinton’s actions suggest a lack of respect for many of the laws she herself has enacted. She strives for a divisive country where she can live above the laws that apply to everyday Americans. While many argue otherwise, all would agree that the growth of a tyranny has been well underway.

A corrupt government is one in which those making the laws do not have to follow their own policies. This is one of the many examples of a growing toxic government. Illegal, improper, unprotected email servers through which classified state department emails were sent were the talk of the primaries. No more is this a conversation piece, as greater scandals dwarf Clinton’s past crime. Her innocence was proclaimed by the beloved Federal Bureau of Investigation and celebrated by the Democratic Party.

Later, it would come out that the Clinton foundation donated a half-million dollars to a prominent FBI official’s wife’s campaign. Could this be considered a conflict of interest? Not if you are a Clinton.
For anyone who is fascinated by coincidences, you should ponder the fact that former president Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, presumably about Hillary’s chances of indictment. By chance, he wound up in her airplane while in Arizona a few months back. While what was actually said will never be known, Hillary was not indicted for charges that in a similar instance put an army general behind bars.

Regardless, the Clintons have done many great acts, which by some accounts outweigh their bad. The Clinton Foundation has been their vessel for good and also a way to cover up political injustices. While standing with the top ratings when it comes to charities, it has received donations from across the world.

These large sums of money come from a great array of cultures. While it is certain that neither of the Clintons would approve of the death of homosexuals or the legal marital rape of women, the countries their foundation accepts money from does. Saudi Arabia, according to the Clinton Foundation donors list, has given upwards of 25 million dollars, similar to Qatar, which has donated millions as well.

Aside from donating large sums of money to the great charity, Saudi Arabia is also busy allowing the legal infringement on what Americans would consider ‘free will.’ Within these countries, homosexuality is punishable by death, and women need a ‘male guardian’ to approve of luxuries, such as applying for a passport or continuing their education. Doesn’t seem like a great foundation anymore.
Some are quick to point out that a habitual history of sexual assault, lying under oath, large legal fines and disbarment follows the Clintons. This is absolutely false, as previous crimes only apply to Bill Clinton.

However, the phrase ‘opposites attract’ does not suit the marriage between Bill and Hillary either, as she too has been untrustworthy on multiple occasions, including congressional hearings. Her outburst of “what difference does it make?” became the source for memes and jokes. However, the difference she alluded to would have any other American jailed. And the role she played in the Benghazi attacks was criminal and furthermore immoral.

Lying to families of the slain was her first response, all while admitting what she knew to her daughter, the truth. It would seem that to her, death does not make a difference, another insight into her lack of empathy for Americans.

While The Aquinas limits the space for articles, many media outlets have the amenity of printing pages of stories which serve as propaganda for Secretary Clinton. While scarcely is it newsworthy, it complements the comic section by humor alone. These outlets have mastered the art of spinning the truth, similar to Hillary’s Bosnia trip where she claimed she was under heavy sniper fire. At least Hillary was forced to recant her made up story, unlike the mainstream media.

It is imperative that the readers not believe a word published about either candidate. Rather, you should dig deep and overcome an emotional vote. Get off social media, do your own journalism and form your own opinion. You may just find that truth is hard to cover up.


Commentary By
Joan Crinion

A couple of months ago I probably would not have been able to write about why I was voting for Hillary Clinton, but things changed as I saw my options. Clinton has more experience in politics than almost any other presidential candidate before her with around 35 years of experience, according to Poltico. She has also been in the public limelight and faced more scrutiny than any other candidate before her.

This means that her actions, for the most part have been vetted over these last few decades.
Although her scandals are severe and damaging, I believe that they have been widely investigated. If there were any case to be made in these scandals, it would have probably already been made.

According to MSNBC Some Republican 2016 candidate have also had similar private email servers and not faced the same scrutiny. Former Florida governor Jeb Bush had a private server while he held office between 1999 and 2007. He also did not turn over private emails. Other Republicans include Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, former Texas Govenor Rick Rick Perry, according to MSNBC.

Although Clinton is a Washington insider, I do not believe that has to be a bad thing completely. Because she has been in politics so long, she knows how it works. She knows how to get things pushed through the House and Senate, which after watching government shutdowns is something I am excited for. I believe that in this election, it’s tough to actually push past all the negatives that the candidates bring and find positives.

Clinton also has supported issues that are important to me policy wise. She has pledged to place pro-choice, pro-LGBT rights, and anti-Citizens United judges on the bench. These are all issues that I believe are important in making sure every citizen gets fair protections, so for me her seeing these things as important makes me want to vote for her even more. I am confident that she will get justices nominated that will continue to work to protect those freedoms for potentially the next 30 years. These are also freedoms that Trump and his running mate are looking to take away.

The language Donald Trump uses, although he can be funny and entertaining at times, alienates a large part of the electorate. The comments Trump has made about women, Latinos, African Americans, disabled people, etc. have to at least call into question his ability to rally a nation together which I believe will be necessary after this election. I believe that Trump’s unsteady position on abortion ranging from his past pro-choice beliefs to believing that there had to be some form of punishment for the women is too unsteady for women.

Trumps position on the border wall would not be fiscally responsible because Mexico will not pay for it. The wall would also not solve the real problem that is 40 percent of U.S. illegal immigration come by air then overstay their visas, according to Politco. Pence is also dangerous to have on the ticket after he supported Congress using federal dollars that were set aside for stopping the spread of HIV virus and wanted to use them for conversion therapy organizations that would be in charge of changing people’s sexual behavior, according to BuzzFeed.

The Hillary Clinton that is running today is the best possible version of herself that we could get. She has developed such a skill for listening to people even displaying it by kicking this election off with a listening tour, according to The New York Times. She has the ability to listen to different viewpoints and to take those viewpoints to make a compromise.

She has also developed issues that she’s passionate to reform including mental health treatment, paid family and medical leave, Wall Street reform and women’s rights, according to She really understands the issues that face Americans of all groups because of how she is able to understand why these issues affect people. It is this kind of respected leader that we need to elect this November. That is why I am going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Everyone should vote regardless of who they vote for.

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