University volleyball team hosts ‘Gold Game’

Jill Wall
Sports Co-Editor

The University’s women’s volleyball team held its second annual “Gold Game” to raise awareness for pediatric cancer Wednesday night.

Senior Bailey Woods explained why the volleyball team has chosen to host this game for two years now, and what purpose the game serves.

“Our team holds a game for pediatric cancer because we want to acknowledge a type of cancer that is often forgotten- one that affects children specifically. In the past we held “pink” games for breast cancer fundraising, which we really enjoyed and were a huge success. Last year we decided to fundraise for pediatric cancer to extend awareness and hopefully be just as successful in our fundraising efforts,” Woods said.

Senior Danielle Cafiero noted that the game also serves a greater purpose, especially one that the entire University can relate to.

“Community service is a big part of the athletic department. In ‘The Royal Way’ we are encouraged to have an ‘attitude of gratitude.’ We are so grateful for all of the opportunities we have and we want to give back to our community. Throughout the years at Scranton, we have learned to be ‘men and women for others.’ We hope to exemplify this by hosting a cancer awareness game each year,” Cafiero said.

Since last year, the game has come to hold much meaning to the entire team, and it in turn enjoys sharing that meaning with the entire Scranton community.

Danielle Cafiero reflected on what the game truly means and why the team is of such great importance.

“The Gold Game has a very special meaning to our entire team. This is because in 2015, our teammate Shannon Savitsky’s cousin Bobby passed away of pediatric cancer. We dedicated last year’s game to Bobby and will keep him in our thoughts this year as well,” Cafiero said.

Senior Brittany Cafiero noted that in turn, the team will dedicate the game to a new person/family every year.

“This year we dedicated the “Gold Game” to (senior student) Jordan King’s brother, Adam. Jordan is one of our fans that has been very supportive with this fundraiser. Adam was 3 1/2 when he passed away from Leukemia,” Brittany Cafiero said. “Jordan says that his memory is a daily reminder to live in every moment, laugh as much as you can and love those who matter most each and every day.”
The Royals hoped to truly reach out and touch the Scranton community this game and were successful in doing so.
“The ultimate goal of the gold game is to extend awareness of not only pediatric cancer, but of all types of cancer. By dedicating our final home game to this cause, we gave students an opportunity to show their support for those affected and get everyone involved in the fight against cancer,” Wood said.
The team also reflected on how the game has come to develop special meaning for each of them and elaborated on the many different aspects that they love.

“My favorite aspect of the Gold Game is how effortlessly it brings the community together. University of Scranton students and faculty have been so generous in donating to the cause, and people are excited to offer any help and support they can,” Wood said.

Danielle Cafiero agreed, adding that the dedication of the game to a particular person/family makes the whole night much more special.

“My favorite part about the Gold Game is recognizing who the game is being played for. We play for all children affected by pediatric cancer, however we choose a University member affected by childhood cancer and play for them or their loved one. That is a powerful moment. The entire stands are full of family and friends supporting this cause, all silent, remembering those lost and fighting. It’s chilling,” Danielle Cafiero said.

The team’s season concludes Nov. 2 at Juniata College.

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