5 Halloween Costumes You Will Definitely See This Weekend

Commentary by
Lauren Aarchibald

2016 has been a year filled with excitement, drama and memorable moments that have dominated the headlines. As always, the most popular events of the year will surely influence people’s choices in Halloween costumes.
The classic costumes such as ghosts and witches will remain. However, the most prevalent costumes this year will be inspired by pop culture. You can anticipate seeing an abundance of politicians, Pokémon characters and more.
If you are still struggling to come up with the perfect Halloween costume, you might want to consider the following ideas- or avoid them if you want to go against the status quo.

1. Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton

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In the exciting months leading up to the election, it seems we can never go a day without hearing about the wildly entertaining drama between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. These two candidates have made the 2016 presidential election one for the books. Whether you like it or not, you are bound to see Donald’s and Hillary’s everywhere you turn.

2. Pikachu, Ash Ketchum and other Pokémon characters
Wether you played the popular game as a child, own a smartphone or know anything about social media fads, you most likely have heard about or participated in the Pokémon Go craze. The app stormed the nation as everyone became obsessed with becoming the best Pokémon trainers of all time. You may not be able to find Pikachu in the game, but you can guarantee you’ll be seeing him and his Pokémon pals quite a bit this Halloween.

3. Harambe

Most of us have seen the viral video of a three-year-old boy climbing into a gorilla’s enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. The zookeepers’ decision to put down Harambe after the gorilla grabbed the boy sparked a major controversy. Since Harambe’s death on May 28, his legacy has lived on. Males and females will surely be sporting their own versions of Harambe costumes in honor of the fallen gorilla.

4. Movie-inspired costumes
Harley Quinn is anticipated to be one of the most popular costumes for females this year. The eccentric character from Suicide Squad has become popular among comic and noncomic fans alike. Another character from suicide squad you are likely to see is the Joker, whose popularity was reborn with the release of the movie. Costumes from other 2016 top box office movies include characters from Deadpool, Ghostbusters and Star Wars.
5. Clowns

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If you have a fear of clowns, you might want to be careful this Halloween. You are likely to associate them with the mass hysteria that has recently occurred. This clown craze has given the classic Halloween costume a whole new meaning. Brace yourself for the many creepy clowns that will surround you this Halloween.

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