Athlete of the week featuring Susan Neggia

Matt McGovern

Staff Writer

This week’s athlete of the week is a sophomore on the women’s swimming and diving team. Susan Neggia has been an essential contributor to the team’s success.

Neggia had a favorable stat line this past weekend against Catholic University. She helped the team finish the 200-medley event in 1:53.82. She also participated in three different individual events, in which she won two of them.

Neggia won the 100-backstroke with a 1:03.09 time. The other individual event she won was the 200-backstroke (2:16.86). She won this event by an astounding six seconds. To close her swim meet at Catholic, Neggia finished the 200-IM in second place with a 2:22.08 time. Lets get to know the sophomore swimmer better.

Q: When did you start competitively swimming?

A: I started swimming competitively when I was 6 years old and have been swimming competitively ever since.

Q:  Who has been your role model during your years of swimming?

A: My biggest role model throughout my swimming years has most definitely been my older brother, Andrew. We swam together on the same club team for years until he went off to swim Division I at Bryant University. He taught me that swimming is not about winning or breaking records, but about having fun with the sport and being a good teammate. He has inspired me to work hard both in and out of the pool and put my heart into everything I do. He has changed the lives of every person and every swimmer that he has crossed paths with for the better all throughout his life and continues to do so, and I hope I can attempt to do, and have been doing the same (even though he is very hard to live up to)!

Q: What has been your favorite memory in all of your years of swimming?

A: My favorite memory of my swimming years was attending YMCA Nationals with my brother and making podium for the 50 meter backstroke.
Q: What are your expectations for the remainder of the season?

A: I have such high hopes and expectations for both the men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams this year. The talent we have both in and out of the pool is unbelievable and I know both teams are not only off to a great season, but are on track to finishing the season on an even stronger note. (Fingers crossed with winning the conference championship!)

Q:  What does it mean to you to have led the Royals in a successful swim meet this past weekend?

A: To me, swimming is a team effort, and with that said, it was not me who led the team to a successful meet this past weekend. The entire team, whether an individual swam or not, played an integral role in helping our swim team defeat Catholic, and everyone did an outstanding job!

Q: What is your favorite type of race to swim in and why? The 200-medley relay, different individual events, the 100-backstroke, or the 200-backstroke?

A: I love to swim any event that has backstroke in it. However, my favorite event is the 200 backstroke. I cannot sprint to save my life and I am not really a fan of swimming distance so the 200 is the perfect amount of laps for me. I have always loved backstroke because I find it very relaxing and it reminds me of floating on my back in the ocean in the summer, and who doesn’t love that?

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