Scranton rave downtown features Cedric Gervais

Commentary By
Ariana Berardi

Scranton was lucky enough to bring Cédric Gervais to The Leonard. A small Theatre downtown for Halloween. It was never expected that someone with such a huge following would be playing in Scranton. He started his set around 10 and ended around 12 A.M. The crowd wasn’t too large, but it was definitely fun.

DJ Woogie opened up the show. The lights were amazing. They really matched what the music was doing. The music was upbeat and fun; the music he played really got the crowd dancing and moving. Even though the crowd was small, he had everyone dancing like they knew each other. By the time Cédric Gervais was about to come on, the crowd was amped up and ready to go.

Cédric Gervais has recently played the notorious festival known as Electric Zoo (Ezoo for short). Seeing as he just played such a massive event, it was shocking to see such a small crowd. However, everyone who was there supporting him loved every song he played. Since it was Halloween, everyone was in costume.

It was great.

His set was about two hours long. His set was upbeat and danceable all night. He never had a moment where no one was at least bouncing around in their spot. My favorite part of the night was when he played his remix of “Summer Time Sadness” by Lana Del Rey. Although dance music is always fun, Lana’s voice is incredible. Overall Cédric Gervais’ show was incredible. He was fun and upbeat and it was a great way to spend Halloween.

The Leonard Theatre although small, made for a great night. It managed to bring in a great crowd wearing great costumes. The entertainment was amazing. DJ Boogie did a great job warming up the crowd. Cédric Gervais made this Halloween one for the books. He really preformed really well.

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