Student rates common Halloween costumes

Commentary By
Cailtin Peason

This Halloween, like every year, consisted of multiple representations of the biggest trends in current pop culture. However, while there were plenty of people being fruit, Franzia, Monsters Inc. characters, Donald Trump and aliens, there were also some extremely creative and unique costumes. After seeing many different costumes this weekend, there were definitely some that were not only creative and executed very well, but you could tell that the individuals wearing them really went above and beyond to steer clear of the common themed costumes.

These costumes included, but were not limited to, Ed from Good Burger, CatDog, modern day Spice Girls, an African prince, zombie princesses, Reggie from Rocket Power, Phil & Lil from The Rugrats and even Peter Griffin vs Ernie the Giant Chicken. In my opinion, these costumes were all extremely well executed and created a sense of diversity among the other costumes seen on campus.

After seeing these costumes you could instantly see that the people wearing them were not only having a blast in them but genuinely appreciated any compliments they received.

These costumes truly required thought and effort to have them be executed so well and provided diversity. Halloween is always a fun weekend to celebrate whether you are a child or a college student. The best part of Halloween is seeing all the time and effort people put into their costumes, especially if they have a different costume for the entire weekend. It is easy to be something generic such as an animal, police officer, super hero or the year’s most talked about topic.

That being said, I personally enjoyed all of the unique costumes and give much praise to those who were able to not only think of something so creative but also have it be represented so well. Even though there were some themes that many people chose for a costume, each of them were represented in different ways, which was very clever.

Everyone who chose to celebrate Halloween looked great and hopefully was able to have a fun and safe Halloween.

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