Students attend ‘Pet a Puppy’ event

Lauren Archibald
Arts & Life

Students at the University were overwhelmed with cuteness Friday as they got up close and personal with service dogs in training.

The “Pet a Puppy” event took place on the Dionne Green and was organized by the Student Occupational Therapy Association and graduating occupational therapy class of 2017.

One of the organizers of the fundraiser, Megan McCallister, explained that the class raises money every year for “America’s VetDogs,” a charity that provides service dogs to veterans, active-duty service members and first responders with disabilities.
“Not only is what we’re doing good stress relief for the students, but it’s really good training for the dogs as well. By allowing them to socialize with campus members, they’re learning how to interact with all kinds of people,” McCallister said.

Junior Denise Shovlin got out of her first class on Friday and immediately headed to the Dionne Green.
Like many other students that day, she fell in love with the service dogs-to-be.

“After a long, hard week of classes, there’s nothing I’d rather do than relax on the Green and pet puppies. It makes me forget about all the stress in my life,” Shovlin said.

The organizers of the event accepted donations starting at $1. Their goal is to raise $6,000 in 2016 for America’s VetDogs.

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