Jill Wall
Sports Co-Editor

The University’s men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams have gotten off to phenomenal starts for the beginning of the 2016-2017 season.

After impressive victories against Goucher College on Saturday, the women’s team now boasts a dominant 5-0 record, while the men’s team claims an imposing 3-1 record.

Even after what many consider to be several setbacks, including getting a new coach only a few short weeks before the start of the official season, the teams have managed to shine in all of their meets and hope to continue to do so for the remainder of the season.

Sophomore Suze Neggia reflected on what the women’s team specifically hopes to accomplish this season and how it plans on doing so.

“The girls want to be conference champs, and I think continuing to work hard at practice, and work together as a team, and just cheer each other on and focus on it being a team unit instead of more of an individual thing will really help us for success,” Neggia said.

Sophomore Maggie Reynolds made note of how the women’s team’s preseason ranking has fueled its competitiveness thus far and how it serves as motivation for what is to come in the season.
“In the preseason rankings for the Landmark Conference, we were ranked to finish third at the championships, but we’re hoping to win because we already beat Catholic University who was ranked second. So then we would just have to beat Susquehanna, and that will be in a dual meet,” Reynolds said.
Neggia also noted how the teams have adapted to having a new head coach.

“I think it was a little difficult in the beginning because everyone, especially the seniors, were set with the old coach’s ways. Obviously change is inevitable, but I think it was a little harder to adapt because it came as such a surprise,” Neggia said. “In the middle of the summer no one knew what was going to happen. But I think it’s going well so far, and he’s really nice so it’s working great.”

Reynolds reflected on how having a new coach has positively affected the team chemistry, allowing for more positive outcomes at meets.

“This year our new coach has really been encouraging cheering for everyone else and stressing how that’s important to do and how it affects people’s performances. He’s highlighting swimmers of the meets and wants us to nominate best swimmers or best races of the meet to really encourage the team support,” Reynolds said.

With their remarkable records thus far in the season, Neggia noted that the Royals are focused on continuing doing the same things they have been doing up until now.

“As far as improvement, I don’t think anything stands out, but just working hard and getting to practice and putting in the effort in practice so that it will show at the meets is really important,” Neggia said.

The Royals compete Saturday at 1 p.m. against Dickinson College in the Byron Center.

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