Debunking the stigma associated with raves

Staff Writer
Ariana Berardi

There are plenty of misconceptions about raves and the scene that they are a part of. Raves are meant to be a place where people who have a love for dance music can go and dance freely. They are supposed to be welcoming places where you are free to express yourself however you want.

However, that is not their reputation. They have a negative stigma around them that tends to associate them with drug use and half-naked people.

Raves, like any concert or event, can have drugs and alcohol at them, but that’s a small minority of people in the “scene.” The vast majority of people there are there to experience the music. The people who love the music are there to watch the DJs who have created musical art live.

When you are watching a DJ who has created music you love or music that has resonated with you it is like a whole other world. The experience consumes you and you are just happy. Drugs are not needed for that.

The majority of all shows have lasers that match the bass. The lasers go off making a light show that you can watch, and for those few hours you’re at the show nothing else matters.
Drugs and alcohol are everywhere not just at raves. Raves are about the music and the people who listen to it. Ravers create their own scene, the rave scene, and it’s a shame that the few people who do drugs were able to tarnish the reputation of the culture like that.
The culture is also misconceived to be a bunch of half naked people running around. To an extent that is not wrong, but it’s a part of the culture. At a rave it is acceptable. It’s an expression of fashion that happens to correlate to the music. Some people may not understand that, and that’s okay.

Not everyone will accept it or understand, but that’s why people turn to the culture and rave community.

The community is based on acceptance. It’s encouraged to come as you are and enjoy music with friends.

Be whoever you are and wear whatever you want; there is no judgement. We are all one large raving family that came to enjoy beautiful and fun music.

The music is meant to be fun and touching, and for those who really care, there is a DJ out there that will resonate with them.

The DJs bring together hundreds, even thousands, of people to one giant accepting dance party. Come as you are. Wear what you want to wear. No drugs are needed to have a good time, and that’s what people should focus on: the music.

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