Are people over Black Friday?

Antonio Nikolic
Staff Writer

Black Friday is the day that signifies Christmas shopping with lower prices and special offers that falls on the day after Thanksgiving.

Many people camp outside stores, wait on long lines and get very frustrated on this day, which caused seven people to die and left 98 injured from 2006 to 2014, according to the official Black Friday death count webpage. With customers’ knowledge of this day being very prevalent, Black Friday is becoming less popular as time goes on. People are realizing that the risk taken to get a better deal on something is not worth long-term cost.

Many purses, merchandise and children are taken on this day, resulting in a greater long-term loss. Black Friday sales fell 12 percent last year alone to $10.2 billion while Cyber Monday, the Monday following Thanksgiving with online retailers providing special offers, increased 16 percent from the prior year. Americans spent more than $3 billion on Cyber Monday last year. Purchasing merchandise online, as opposed to going to the stores with massive numbers of people, is a much safer approach than shopping for special deals. Purchasing merchandise online also opens up more products that are not carried in stores, resulting in a greater selection.

Each year, stores like Target, Walmart and Best Buy reuse the same deals, down to the same prices, and expect people to come shop at their stores anyway.

This trend is slowly being realized by their customers, resulting in people moving to online locations. These stores also lower the prices of the same popular merchandise that sells on Black Friday.

Fitness equipment and winter clothing are examples of merchandise that are lowered on Black Friday, but are even lower a couple of weeks later. Toys are significantly less expensive nine to 10 days before Christmas as opposed to Black Friday.

Products such as small kitchen appliances, pots and pans and video games are products that are on sale during Black Friday that are great opportunities to save money. Televisions, winter clothing and toys are products that if the customer waits a couple weeks to purchase they will save more money than on Black Friday.

Do not feel the need to avoid the day completely, as there are still some great deals that are hard to pass up.

Black Friday, in most cases, is now an event that carries over from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. This year, however, try to avoid being pushed around at stores, being unable to purchase the product you intended to and skipping the long lines by waiting a few weeks after Black Friday for lower prices or shopping on Cyber Monday with more of a selection.

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    February 6, 2017 at 7:11 am

    What liitraebng knowledge. Give me liberty or give me death.

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