Student reflects on voting for first time

Staff Writer
Caitlin Peason

Voting in today’s day and age is such a crucial part of the American government system. Even within the past 100 years the right to vote has evolved drastically. Currently, there are no restrictions to who can vote in America, besides the age and citizen requirements. Over the years we have fought for the right to vote for many different American citizens.

Today men and women of any race, religion and political affiliation can vote for whatever political figure they wish to vote for. Since there are no personal restrictions on who is able to vote, everyone should be expressing their right to vote whenever possible.

In this year’s presidential election, the polls were constantly changing as more votes were being recorded and tallied. For many millennials, this was their very first time voting, which caused many to wonder if they were truly going to express their right to vote. This election was so intense that it surprisingly caught the attention and participation of the millennial voters.
Personally, as a first-time voter, I know that my mother reached out to me multiple times throughout the day to ensure that I voted.

The right to vote is such a privilege that should never be taken for granted, due to the fact that so many people fought for us as American citizens to have this right.

No matter whom you voted for in this election or what political party you affiliate yourself with, never give up the opportunity you have to vote. This year’s election should be the perfect example of that statement.

As stated above, the polls were constantly changing in regards to which candidate had control over each state. These numbers were so close due to the fact that, regardless of all of the drama and controversy that this election may have caused, everyone still went to the polls and voted for who they truly believed could benefit us in the future as a country.

Even though the results left people both cheerful and upset, just remember that we, as citizens of the United States, had the opportunity to vote for who we wanted to serve our country.

It is crucial that everyone remembers that many countries do not offer this same privilege to their citizens, and that the right to vote should never be taken for granted.

I truly hope that regardless of whom you voted for this year, that you are able to say that you took part in history and were able to walk around with pride knowing that you took advantage of your opportunity to vote for your next commander in chief.

The next time you have the opportunity to vote, whether it be in a local, state or federal election, remember to always be a part of it and wear the “I Voted” sticker with the utmost pride.

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