Old, new artists shine at Grammy Awards

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“Queen B” is not one to be messed with. Even though she did not sweep the Grammy’s with awards, she sure did with her performance.

Beyoncé performed her songs, “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” showing off her baby bump of twins. Her wardrobe was custom designed by Peter Dundas and paid tribute to various female deities and the overall majesty of women.

There were also many cultural references throughout her performance. One of which was honoring her sister’s Grammy-award winning album, “A Seat At The Table” by taking a seat on a gravity-defying chair at the head of a table. Many audience members were in shock as Beyoncé is expecting and were frightened she would fall; however she sang effortlessly.

She also honored the Yoruba deity, who is the goddess of love and fertility, and is represented by the wearing of flowing yellow garments, which Beyoncé wore in her maternity photos as well as on stage with her mother and daughter Blue Ivy. She also references the Virgin Mary with the crowning halo that was custom designed just for her.

Overall, her performance was one to watch. It moved people who were watching there as well as those who watched at home on their television and it led the way to what we can expect from her future performances.

Personally, I believe “Queen B” can rock any performance she does but this one just topped it all. She was presenting the theme of generations with pictures of her mother and Blue. She looked like a goddess and did not show any signs of stress or hesitation carrying her twins and performing at the same time.

Alongside Beyoncé, another performer who did sweep the night was Adele. Winning all five of the awards she was nominated for, Adele gave two performances that night. She performed her hit single “Hello” in the beginning of the show and one more that is to be remembered.

The last performance Adele gave was one that should have moved you as much as “Queen B’s.” Adele gave tribute to George Michael by covering one of his songs, “Fastlove.” It was very emotional to witness because Adele wanted to make sure she was honoring him in the most perfect way. She even stopped singing a quarter of the way in, swore a little, apologized and restarted because she felt she messed up and did not want to dishonor Michael that way.

Her second try was so beautifully chilling; it honored George Michael in a way that no one that was possible.

Another top performance of the night was Chance the Rapper. Not only did he have seven nominations for music he made no money off of, but he was also able to win three Grammy awards.

Chance started his performance with a rendition of “How Great” with background vocals staring gospel stars Kirk Franklin and Tamela Mann. He then transitioned into “All We Got” with a full choir and band joining in.

These two songs from his album “Coloring Book” gave the audience a performance they would never forget. Overall, all the performances were great throughout the night but I would have to say these three are my top favorites. Queen B, Adele and Chance the Rapper will always remember the 59th Annual Grammy Awards as a successful night.