Presidential Search continues, students remain in dark

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Philip Judge, chair of the Presidential Search Committee, announced in an email sent Feb. 7 that the committee is on track to announce The University’s next president later this semester. However, students have complained about a lack of transparency and information surrounding the process.

“There’s been very poor transparency,” senior Gary Ng said. “They send out emails, but we still don’t know who the candidates are or what kind of people they’re even considering.”
In his email, Judge wrote that “the search is on track and going well.” He also thanked the community for its “patience as the Committee continues its necessarily confidential work.”

The Presidential Search Committee has kept the identities of its candidates confidential in order to protect their current jobs, Anne Coyle, a search consultant for The University said in a previous interview with the Aquinas.
“Their reasoning’s fair, and I know we can’t have it 100 percent our way, but I still think they could be providing some more information,” Ng said.
“If you are the provost or vice-provost or president at another institution, and you’re going to look at another institution, they may feel like you already have one foot out the door,” Coyle said.

Students expressed dissatisfaction with the level of communication between the committee and the student body.
“The only time I’ve been hearing about it is when they send out emails, and we don’t know what’s going on with the search at times,” Joe Pichiarello, a grad student, said. “The hiring process should involve a mixture of everyone, not just one section considering everything. It feels like it’s been a little bit closed off to just the higher-ups.”

Other students have simply not been following the search at all. “I haven’t really been reading the emails they’ve sent out, but I’d assume it’s going well if they have a good candidate,” Sarah Iannucci, a junior, said.
The Presidential Search Committee could not be reached for comment.

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