Swimming, diving teams head to championships

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The men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams have both qualified for the Landmark Conference Championships.

This season the men’s team has a record of 4-5 and after coming off of a few losses in a row, is looking for a comeback win in the Landmark Conference Championship.

The women’s swimming and diving team has an 8-2 record and is seeking a conference title as well.

Sophomore Dan Muenkel discussed the season thus far and his expectations for the team going into the Landmark Conference Championships. Muenkel said that the team dealt with adversity this season because it was learning a new coaching style and it took a while to adjust. He believes that the new coaching style has worked out well.

During the season, Muenkel asserted that his favorite meet came against Drew College. The team came up just short in the final relay and lost. However, it motivated them to swim faster at the Conference Championships.

The men’s swimming and diving team has already begun preparations for the championships by working on arm speed and technique, in order to get the small details right. The team is also practicing its mental strength, which will pay dividends at the championship meet.

The men’s team believes it can win by putting up great times at the championship. Muenkel affirmed that the team is going to go out there and give it their all.

The women’s team has a similar confidence about the championship round. Sophomores Susan Neggia and Claire Mason relayed their opinion on the season and the road ahead.

In comparison to the men’s team, the women’s team also went through a coaching change prior to the season.
Neggia insisted that the coaching change went smoothly and that their coach has set them up for success heading into the championship meet.

Mason attested that their coach has helped them prepare for the championships by helping the team prep mentally for the meet. Mason stressed that mental preparation will improve the future success of the team because swimming in her opinion is 50 percent mental and 50 percent physical skill.

In terms of competition, the most formidable opponent the women’s team faces is Susquehanna University, according to Neggia.

With the Landmark Conference Championships approaching this weekend, Mason conveys that the team has a positive outlook and is excited for the opportunity in front of them.

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