University student discusses experience of Search retreat

Commentary By
Devin Norton

This past weekend I had the privilege of experiencing a well-known retreat called Search.

I had been waiting over a year to get on the retreat unlike some Scranton men I know. This has been the 81 Search held at Scranton. I have been on five retreats now and Search is one of my favorites.

Search 81 was everything I hoped it would be. There is no better feeling than waking up on a Saturday morning knowing you still have two more days to be at the Chapman Lake House and get to know such incredible human beings.

Our leaders worked tirelessly to ensure that the weekend was a success. You could see the passion in their eyes as they prepared for their talks, listened intently to us in our small group conversations and sang their hearts out for three days straight.

They set the tone for Search as soon as we entered the lake house. After icebreakers and introductions, the real magic of Search began.

We heard stories from amazing individuals about very personal experiences that facilitated growth or some self-discovery.
The best part is that their stories inspire a lot of introspection and then we are the ones who grow or come to discover something about ourselves.

Whether as an audience member during the big group talks or a member of a small group, the subject matter we were listening to made it impossible not to bond with one another. Everyone embraces vulnerability and God on this retreat.

We are encouraged to push ourselves and be honest in our reflection. Journaling all weekend helped us lay out our thoughts and will enable us to revisit our feelings later.

We discussed everything from Christianity and faith to the many relationships we have in our lives. Search helped me to think about things in my life. I forgave things, I accepted things, and I planned for my future.

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