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Student enjoys working in the background of service events

Sara Myers
Faith Editor

Junior Victoria Gazzillo, known by most of her friends as Tori, is an occupational therapy major from Paramus, New Jersey and works in Campus Ministries’ Center for Service and Social Justice (CSSJ).

Outside of CSSJ, Gazzillo is an active member on campus. She participates in the Liva Arts Company musicals each semester, and leads Fit and Faithful workouts each week along with junior Mary Kate Halligan.

As a student worker, Gazzillo spends much of her time at work doing the background work of service, which she said is her one of her favorite parts of her job. She enjoyed the work involved in the giving tree which The University had last semester.

“We were in charge of keeping track of the list and then collecting all the gifts that were brought in and then separating them amongst age groups, amongst boy or girl,” Gazzillo said. “And have them set up for our Christmas breakfast which we do here on Christmas morning.”

Gazzillo also enjoys learning more about the city of Scranton and hearing about the people of Scranton, a unique opportunity that her job provides.

“I go to all different types of organizations and agencies and I get to learn about how they provide services and meet needs of people that I necessarily wouldn’t have known about if I didn’t work here,” Gazzillo said.

Outside of her work at CSSJ, Gazzillo enjoys spending time in the Student Forum and catching up with her friends. She described the Forum as energetic and said it is a very positive environment to be in.

Though Gazzillo is involved on campus, she said that if she had the time she would become a tour guide. As an orientation assistant, she said she presents all of the different highlights of being a student at The University with those who are joining our community. She said, however, that she would like to share that with even those students who are considering coming to The University.

“Scranton is just such a wonderful place to be and it provides so many different opportunities and ways to get involved and just to grow,” she explained.

She said that her experiences at The University have allowed her to discover what is important to her and gain knowledge of the things which she did not know before. She draws on these experiences as an orientation assistant and would do the same as a tour guide.

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