Flu season arrives at The University in full force

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In the last week or two, all students received an email from The University notifying them that the flu is spreading around campus in large numbers. “Flu season” was officially ushered into everybody’s minds the second that email was sent.

The “flu” is the popularized nickname of “influenza,” which has its largest season of infection starting in October and ending in May. Most doctors agree that the season usually is at its worst in the month of February, which helps explaining why recently The University students have been falling so sick recently.

First-year biology major Maggie McNeil avoids getting any flu-like symptoms by keeping her room and belongings sanitary.

“It’s really easy to get sick if you live with someone who is sick so take extra precaution to keep your room clean,” McNeil said.
The flu usually causes aches all over the body and a rise of body temperature.

After the flu, many begin to suffer post-nasal drip, which is identical to severe cold where nasal congestion and mucus play a large role. Once when the flu is beat, a person can still be looking at another few weeks until they are back to themselves, due to the all-around general sickness.

Classrooms are filled with echoes of coughs as students try to pay attention with a cloudy head and nasal congestion. However, there is no need to give up and there are ways to help prevent students from getting the flu and staying healthy. The most obvious tips are to stay hydrated and make sure you are washing or sanitizing your hands as much as possible.

NyQuil is often an effective measure when fighting flu like symptoms, but make sure you do not take it too late in the night if you have an early class in the morning because you really will be in a deep slumber from that stuff. The “NyQuil hangover” can really ruin a morning for anyone, so drink responsibly.

If all else fails, and you still feel miserable, go down to the Roche Wellness Center and get yourself checked out.

Trash cans overflow with one of the most coveted items during flu season, tissues. Tissues are key to flu season because of the constant stuffiness and congestion that goes hand-in-hand with flu season.

Everyone has been in that moment where they felt like they needed a tissue during class and didn’t have one.

Even worse is the feeling while you’re laying in bed, and you forgot to put tissues by where you sleep and you have to get up and go through the brutal exercise of turning the light on. All of the blowing of noses could cause one of the most common “flu looks’’ which is an irritated red nose. This feature goes along with sweats and other warm clothes and a raspy voice.

It’s important to remember whether you’re suffering from the flu, flu like symptoms, a cold or even allergies it will eventually get better.

Get through the first couple of days and soon, you’ll just get used to feeling so crummy, that you will be happy when you actually do start feeling better.


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