New street lights brighten the Electric City

Nicole Ditolla
Staff Writer

The Electric city is replacing their light bulbs.

Scranton is replacing more than 6,200 bulbs in their street lights for more energy-efficient LED bulbs. The cost of the project racks up to steep $3.8 million price tag.

But the savings will be just as significant. With these new light bulbs, Scranton will balance the cost within 10 years. Scranton will save $400,000 on their Electric bill each year.

Freshman finance major Patrick Budicini said the new streetlights make him feel safer while walking around the area.

“I feel much safer because I can see my surroundings better,” Budicini said. Early in 2016, the city of Scranton hired the Efficiency Network and Commonwealth Energy

Group of Pittsburgh to finance the project. Some of the funding will be coming from state liquidfuel funds, which the city receives annually from the state of Pennsylvania.

The predicted shelf life of the new light bulbs is 20 years. Freshman history major Calvin Ralph said he utilizes the bright lights to spot his friends.

“It’s easier to be able to catch up with my friends while walking around at night because I can see better,” Ralph said.

The project calls for replacing 6,229 streetlights with LED lights, adding 51 lights in dark spots and refinishing 276 old metal light poles.

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