Royals get fit

Laura Freedman
Staff Writer

About 1,000 faculty and students have committed to The University’s Fitness Challenge.

The Fitness Challenge, sponsored by the Center for Health Education and Wellness (CHEW), kicked off Feb. 13. It is a four-week program aimed to have participants meet the Center of Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended 150 minutes of workout per week.

Participants will be able to keep track of their exercise routines by completing weekly fitness logs. Fitness logs will be emailed to participants every Friday during the Fitness Challenge. Logs are to be completed by noon the following Monday.

Participants who complete their weekly fitness log will be eligible to pick up one of the challenge’s weekly prizes. Weekly prizes include earbuds, water bottles and fleece headbands. Participants will be able to pick up prizes from CHEW starting at 10 a.m. the Tuesday after their weekly fitness log is due.

Prizes are limited and are given out on a first come, first serve basis. However, prizes will not be given out earlier than 10 a.m. Participants may only pick up their own prizes.

The final prize of the event is a Fitness Challenge T-shirt. In order to be eligible to receive a free T-shirt, participants must submit their weekly fitness log on time for at least three of the four weeks of the challenge. Participants will be able to pick up their free T-shirt from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. March 22 on the second floor of the DeNaples Center.

Even though the challenge just started last week, participants are already seeing positive results from participating in the Fitness Challenge.

“I’m definitely already feeling better about myself, and I feel that going to the gym has become a part of my routine,” Sarah Scalici, a first-year nursing student, said. “I’m getting more used to going to the gym, and it’s not like I’m dreading it every day.”
Scalici hopes to keep the workout habits she establishes during the University’s Fitness Challenge throughout the rest of her college career.

“I think that working out is a really important part of your life, especially in college when sometimes it’s more difficult to be healthy,” Scalici said. “This is definitely a good motivator.”

Participants are not just taking the challenge for physical reasons. “I hope to get more in shape, healthier and develop a better outlook on life,” Samantha Manganelli, a first-year neuroscience student, said.

There are four different categories of physical activities participants can count toward the Fitness Challenge. They include cardio, which includes any activity that causes the heart rate to increase temporarily; strength/ resistance, including any activity that has a participant use weights or resistance equipment; mind/ body, involving activities that also engages one’s mind as they work out, such as yoga and meditation; and sports/ fitness, which involves fitness classes or activities that have participants compete on a team or by themselves against other individuals.

The challenge first started about 10 years ago to motivate faculty and students to stay active during the winter. To this day, the challenge encourages participants to motive one another as they all engage in this program.

Participants can use the hashtag #royalsgetfit on Instagram to document their Fitness Challenge journey. Participants who post with this hashtag will have the opportunity to win $15 in Royal Cash.

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