Shamrockin’ Eve gives back to incoming students

Caitlin Peason
Staff Writer

As a senior in your spring semester, you tend to get hit with senioritis and keep thinking about all the things you would rather do than study. Well, taking this into account, the administration plans the majority of senior events for spring semester to keep them motivated for graduation.

The big event in March that The University has planned for current seniors is Shamrockin’ Eve. This event is open for all current seniors and recent Scranton graduates of the last 10 years. Not only is the event a way to reconnect with alumni and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day together, but it is also an event that helps collect donations to create financial aid packages for incoming freshmen. This theme of giving back is referred to as “Shamrockin’ It Forward.”

The event was started in 2009 when a group of seniors went to Father Pilarz, the current President at the time, and talking to him about how there was no event that really connected current seniors with their friends who recently graduated before their five-year reunion. Shamrockin’ Eve was then created and has been an extremely popular event for years.

The event is filled with music, food, beer wine and soda, and activities that fill the night with joy.

There is also a mini competition embedded into the event for all of the classes attending to take part in. This competition involves one of the grades trying to fundraise the most money out of the rest before the event.

Each class can make a donation to represent their class year, i.e. 2017 would be $20.17, and the class with the most donations wins the Class Cup. The Class Cup is a trophy that has every class year that has won engraved into it. Last year the class of 2016 received the cup after receiving over 200 donors.

This year, the classes from 2007 all the way to 2017 will be competing for the cup. The Class Cup is displayed all year long in the Alumni Office in Brown Hall.

Along with collecting donations from each class and competing for the class cup, there is also plenty of things to do at Shamrockin’ Eve.

This year will be the first year that The University has hired a DJ rather than a band to provide the music. There is also an open bar for the people attending the event. This is the 9th year that the event has taken place and as of Feb. 22, there are 176 alumni registered for the event.

Shamrockin’ Eve will take place on March 10, 2017 in the Byron Center. The event will begin at 8:30 p.m. and the party will continue until 11:00 p.m.

Alumni that wish to register for the event may do so by going to events.

Any senior who wishes to attend may register at the table sits that will begin on Feb. 20th and continue on Feb. 24th, 27th, March 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th. Specific times of when tickets will be sold are available online at the Shamrockin’ Eve webpage.

Shamrockin’ Eve is only two weeks away, so register quickly so you do not miss out on catching up with recent graduates, the T-shirt you get for the event and your opportunity for your class to win The Class Cup.

We all know how much Scranton students love their T-shirts and competition. Which class will come out victorious? Only time shall tell.

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