Spring weather sparks new fashion

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As temperatures around our area start to rise, the tiresome task of transitioning wardrobes from winter to spring begins. The unreliable weather that comes along with this transition period can pose a challenge to most of us.

With all of the walking around on and off campus, one must know what to wear for an unpredictable climate. No need to worry, however, the solution is here. These seven tips will make getting ready for spring a breeze.

1. Layer everything
It’s always best to be prepared while out and about. Layering is the easiest way to achieve a functional spring look. To get the look, try wearing a camisole under a blouse and pair it with a statement scarf. Guys can also attempt this look by layering a dress shirt under a sweater.

2. Jeans
The looks from number one can be worn with jeans, the secret weapon of any season. Jeans pull together any outfit and are a definite essential in any spring wardrobe. Both men and women should have at least one great pair of jeans in their closet.

3. Add color
Don’t be scared to slowly start adding color back into your wardrobe. Pastels are a perfect way to do this. By sticking to light colors, there will be no chance of going over board. The easiest way to add color is with accessories: shoes, handbags, hats etc.

4. Plaid
Feeling kind of lazy? The ideal piece for those busy mornings, plaid shirts are simple and classic. Plaid works for every season and can even be layered with a simple tank top or T-shirt. Guys, this is a must for you.

5. Cardigan
Although temperatures are going up, cardigans are the most crucial part of any spring closet. Adding the perfect touch to almost any outfit, cardigans are the easiest way to make sure you are not showing too much skin just yet.

6. Don’t forget it’s still chilly
This tip is simple. It’s only spring; stay away from sundresses, flip-flops and shorts for now. Summer is coming, but don’t rush it. Wearing summer-like items too soon can make others question that you have no idea what season it is outside.

7. Statement jacket
This tip is for those days where spring seems to still be winter. Having a statement jacket, such as a leather coat, makes life a lot easier. A great jacket prevents having to create a complete outfit in the first place. Spring is a time of rebirth and growth; try something a little different this year while creating your new wardrobe.

There really are no right and wrong ways of going about this, but the tips above are stepping stones to get you started. Don’t hesitate to alter anything of theses tips to fit your own style needs.

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