University and local college team up The University and Lackawanna College sign transfer agreement

Kelly Ross
News Co-Editor

The University signed a credit-transfer agreement with Lackawanna College on Feb. 15th.

The agreement, known as a Memorandum of Understanding, is designed to help graduating Lackawanna College students remain in the local area. Students who receive their associate’s degree with a minimum GPA from Lackawanna College will benefit the most from the Memorandum.

Caitlyn Hollingshead, director of graduate transfer and international admissions, said the agreement will help Lackawanna College students transfer credits.

“It will give the Lackawanna College students the opportunity to know from the beginning what courses at Lackawanna College will transfer into Scranton, so that they’re not taking unnecessary courses that may not transfer,” she said. “So it’s really to help with the ease of transferability.”

Students from Lackawanna College were able to transfer credits to The University before the new Me

Lackawanna college and The University of Scaanton signed a memorandum of understanding on Feb. 15th. From left: Barb Nowogorski, director of advising, Lackawanna College; Mark Volk, president, Lackawanna College; Dr. Suzanne Cercone, academic dean, Lackawanna College; Kevin P. Quinn, S.J., president, The University of Scranton; and Caitlyn M. Hollingshead, director of graduate, transfer and international admissions, The University of Scranton.

morandum. However, the agreement will help Lackawanna students plan their path to The University from day one, Hollingshead said.

“It’s a little bit easier in a sense that the pathways are mapped out so that when they start their first day at Lackawanna, once these agreements are determined and set up by the faculty, they’ll be able to know from the very beginning what courses to take in what sequence at Lackawanna,” she said.

A similar agreement was signed between The University and Luzerne County Community College in January. That agreement, known as a dual-admission agreement, is designed to help transfer Luzerne County Community College students to The University.

“They [the agreements] have the same goals in mind with the ease of transferability from both of those colleges to the University of Scranton,” Hollingshead said. “There’s some differences relative to the GPA requirement for both admission and scholarships.”

Although the agreements are set up, other program-specific development is still necessary, Hollingshead said.

“We have those two over-arching agreements set up and they’re there, however they need to be fully supported by the program agreements that the faculty will work to develop,” she said.

Hollingshead said the agreements will help bring more diversity to The University.

“It allows us to keep more local students local and benefits by bringing a more diverse population to the University for the remainder of their academic career,” Hollingshead said.

Kevin P. Quinn, S.J., president of The University, commented on the agreement with Luzerne County Community College in a press release posted to The University’s website.

“I have often said that one of the strengths of this region is its outstanding and diverse network of colleges and universities,” Quinn said. “This Dual Admission Agreement with merit scholarship support will facilitate the admission of LCCC students to the University and expand options for qualified and motivated students of our region.”

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