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AQUINAS PHOTO / Kelly Ross SCRANTON FIRE department arrives at the University Monday night. The fire department was called to Condron Hall when students suspected that people were stuck in the elevators during the power outage.

The University experienced a campus-wide power failure Monday night.

Lights flickered in some on-campus buildings, but in others the lights were completely out for over an hour.  At around 8:22 p.m. students were notified about the failure through email, phone call and text message.

The second alert, sent at 9 p.m., read that the failure was limited to campus buildings and announced that classes had been cancelled for the night.

The third alert, sent at 10 p.m., noted that the cause of the failure and estimated time of power return was still unknown. It also asked students not to use the elevators on campus because they were all disabled.

Although not all buildings on campus lost power, many students were affected as a result of the power failure.  First-year student Liz Howlin was in the Loyola Science Center when the power went out.

“I was in LSC with my tutor and then the lights went out. It went pitch black, so we figured we should move and went to a different area of the building. Only the emergency lights were on where we were, but when we moved to the other area the lights there were on. The power outlets also weren’t working so no one could charge anything. When I left, at around 10 p.m. the lights were still out,” Howlin said.

Howlin added that her friend who lives in Gavigan Hall, was going to sleep in her dorm, Gannon-Lavis-McCormick (GLM) Hall, if the power did not go back on.

In addition to students being affected in residence halls and the Loyola Science Center, students studying in the Weinberg Memorial Library were also affected.

Senior Bridget Furdon was in the library when the lights turn off and on again in the building causing the internet to disconnect from her computer.

“I was sitting at the front of the Reilly Learning Commons when the lights flickered. I didn’t think anything of it until I saw all of the emails and text messages about the failure. I had to relaunch my internet,” said Furdon.

Students were not notified about the cause of the power failure in the emails.

Stan Zygmunt, The University’s director of news and media relations, later said in an email to The Aquinas that the failure was initially caused by a PPL Electric Utility switch.

It was not until 11:50 p.m. that a fourth alert was sent out notifying the community that all power was restored to campus.


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