Meet the Jesuits: Patrick Rogers, S.J.

Lauren McKeown
Staff Writer

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Rev. Dr. Patrick Rogers became the executive director of the Jesuit Center on campus during January. Prior to arriving on campus, Rogers worked in Campus Ministries at Georgetown University.

The Rev. Dr. Patrick D. Rogers, S.J., just recently became the executive director at The University’s Jesuit Center this past intersession.

Formerly working at Scranton Preparatory High School, Rogers said he is happy to be back in the area with friends and colleagues that he worked with before.

Between his time at Scranton Preparatory School and The University, Rogers worked and studied at many Catholic high schools and universities across the country. Most recently, he worked in the Campus Ministries department at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. While at Georgetown, he also received his doctorate degree.

Rogers was raised in Annapolis, Maryland, right by the United States Naval Academy, and later attended Towson University, as an undergraduate student, for music performance. After graduation, he worked as both a music educator and a musician.

It was while he was doing liturgical music in the Catholic Church, that he felt called to enter the Priesthood. After attending a meeting with a few Jesuits, he decided to join The Society of Jesus. This summer will be Rogers’s 25th anniversary of entering the Society of Jesus, after he finished his discernment in 1992.

Rogers was brought back to the Scranton area in his 25th year as a Jesuit when the position at the Jesuit Center became available. He said that he was “intrigued” by the position, and after applying, was “blessed enough to get (the job).”

He describes his job at the Jesuit Center as one that works connect the world with The University.

Rogers said that it is his job “to explain Catholic, Jesuit and Ignataion principles to The University and explain The University to the world.”

He further describes his work, as “taking information from the outside world and disseminating that throughout The University” and showing the world all the great things happening here at The University. He also works with professors and other employees at The University to help students understand the Jesuit principles.

Rogers’s favorite thing about The University is the sense of community here. He said that he believes that “the word community really does mean something.”

Rogers also said “people really do understand this university as being a community of sisters and brothers.”

He said that even after a few weeks at The University, he already feels very much at home.