Sewage blockage closes POD

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The Mulberry Food Court and POD closed over the weekend due to facility issues.

Students can purchase sandwiches, salads and barbeque-type food from the Mulberry Food Court and grocery items from the POD.

On Feb. 25 Joseph Boyd, department head of dining services, sent an e-mail to the residents of the University stating that the Mulberry Food Court and POD would be closed for the day. The e-mail did not give any other information about the closure besides stating that it was due to a facility issue. The Mulberry Food Court and POD remained closed until Monday.

Some students were upset about the closure of the food court and POD. Senior Jessica DePhino said she would usually go to POD at least once a day.

“I actually go there a lot, so it was kind of annoying that it wasn’t open,” DePhino said.

DePhino felt more information could have been helpful, regarding the e-mails sent out by The University.

“It was kind of vague,” she said, “They didn’t tell us what was happening.”

Sophomore Jennifer Litchfield uses the Mulberry Food Court and POD as her main source of food and, like DePhino, was unhappy with the lack of information from The University.

“I didn’t know why it was closed,” Litchfield said. “And then there were all these rumors going around about why, so they should have actually told us why.”

Stan Zygmut, director of news and media relations at The University, said in an email that there was a blockage in a sanitary drain line. The blockage led to the closure of the Mulberry Food Court and POD.

“The repair was made. Since work was done near the kitchen area and per normal protocol, the site was sanitized and inspected by the Dept. of Health prior to reopening,” the e-mail read.

The Mulberry Food Court and POD are now open at normal business hours.


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