Athlete Spotlight: Meghan Kerr

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Senior member of the women’s lacrosse team Meghan Kerr has compiled a remarkable career with the Royals.

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photo courtesy of Scranton Athletics SENIOR MEGHAN KERR scored nine goals in two games, earning her the title of The University’s Athlete of the Week. Kerr had six goals in a 17-5 win over Lebanon Valley College on Saturday.

After scoring 26 goals in her first year with the team, Kerr amplified her game in each of the subsequent years. Kerr surpassed the 100-career-goal milestone in her junior campaign, further establishing herself as one of the top members of The University’s women’s lacrosse team’s history.

Kerr netted first-team All-Conference honors in each of the past two seasons, and she is fresh off of a six-goal performance in the team’s recent victory over Lebanon Valley College. For her efforts, Kerr was named The University’s Athlete of the Week.

Q: When did you start playing lacrosse?
A: I started when I was in fifth grade and I actually played boys’ lacrosse before I played girls’ lacrosse, because there wasn’t a girls’ team in my town. So my dad was the coach and I just kind of played around. And then in sixth grade, I started on a girls’ team, and I’ve been playing ever since.

Q: Why did you decide to come to The University?
A: I was looking between a couple of (Division 2) and (Division 3) schools. Originally, I didn’t want to come to Scranton, but I kept getting drawn back to it. Primarily, it came down to the fact that it wasn’t too far from my house, I did want to play lacrosse and I heard about the (International Service Programs). So it was really those three factors, and the communication department drew me to it (The University).

Q: What’s your experience been like on the team, having the amount of success you’ve had?
A: It’s been great. I think since coming in as a first-year student, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve grown a lot. Every year I kind of feel like I have a different role, and I succeed in different ways. So this year, it’s all been about playing every game like it’s my last, since it’s my last season. And I’m still trying to improve in any way I can, because I’ll be playing in England over the summer for the Division 3 world cup. So I don’t want to stay mediocre at all. I have every intention to exceed all of my expectations, which are pretty high up there.

Q: What’s your best experience on the team been so far?
A: I think beating Susquehanna (University) last year in the semi-finals (of the playoffs), because during the regular season they beat us by a lot, and then it turned around and we ended up beating them by 10. And it kind of showed what kind of potential we have, and that potential translated into this season.

Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals?
A: Yes. My hair is always straight. I have wristband for my friend’s dad who passed away that I wear every game. I have to wear black socks. I usually eat pasta the night before. That’s pretty much it, I’m pretty superstitious

Q: What are you going to miss the most about lacrosse?
A: I think just playing. I love the sport, I’m obsessed with the sport, I coach the sport, I teach the sport, so I think not being in the atmosphere of a sport, especially lacrosse, because it has been so much of my life, is going to be tough.