Lessons learned from part-time jobs

Staff Writer
Caitlin Peason

Part-time job: everyone has at least one at some point in their lives and some have definitely been better than others.

When looking back at all of the jobs you have had, you should definitely be thankful for the jobs that were less than a pleasant experience. Without those jobs, your viewpoint on life may be completely different.

If you were to ask any of your friends about past or current jobs that they have, then odds are they have some interesting stories, and they will potentially utter the phrase “I hate that job so much.”

These jobs can vary from working at a fast food restaurant, a retail store or even working at your local pool or community center.

All of these jobs have their own quirks and struggles, but the main thing to understand is that you survived through it, and now have a new outlook on your future. Anyone who has had a job that they absolutely despised, because of the people you worked with or the job itself, leaves that specific job with the knowledge that they never want to do anything like that again.

The past experiences give them knowledge that motivates them to do everything in their power to make sure that they do not end up back there again.

Speaking from personal experience, I have had this realization after having two separate job experiences that gave me a clear understanding of what I never wanted to do after graduation. The first job that gave me this awareness was when I worked at McDonald’s in high school.

After experiencing working at a fast food restaurant and the involvement with certain customers I quickly came to the conclusion that I would never work in the fast food retail industry again.

The second job that helped me realize what I want to do with my time after graduation is actually a job that I am still currently employed with. During each summer and winter break, I work as a sales specialist at Victoria’s Secret.

This particular job is not entirely dreadful and I enjoy working with my coworkers and doing the typical tasks that the position requires. The part of the job that causes me to consider it a difficult job is the people I deal with one a daily basis. The different customers that I would experience throughout a single shift would give me enough stories to last a lifetime.

I now realize that once I graduate I do not want to work in a primarily retail position.

Each of these jobs have given me a new outlook on what I want to do in the future, and more importantly have given me the motivation in regards to getting my school work done.

I am sure that looking back at all the jobs you despised having, you can agree that you are slightly thankful that you had to endure it. Jobs like that not only build character and mold your work ethic, but they also give you the motivation to make sure you do not have endure that type of job when you are out of school in the workforce.

Instead of dreading everything that happened at those jobs, you should be celebrating the lessons and determination that you have gained while working there and now aim for bigger and better things.