Senior prepares for post-graduation

Sara Myers
Faith Editor

Jordan McCauley, a senior philosophy major, works in the Campus Ministries office and is one of three sacristans in Campus Ministries.

As a sacristan, McCauley is responsible for setting up before the daily masses and the Sunday masses as well as the larger masses which take place in the Byron Recreation Center or The DeNaples Center.

In addition to working for Campus Ministries, McCauley is active in other ways in the office. He led the Connections Retreat during the Fall 2016 semester and is currently on the team of students putting together the Lenten masses such as Stations of the Cross and the reconciliation service.

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Senior Jordan McCauley works for Campus Ministries both at the front desk and as a sacristan. McCauley is also a resident assistant on campus.

McCauley is also a resident assistant in Pilarz Hall, a role which he said comes with no shortage of excitement.

“ResLife keeps me busy – every day, there is something new that pops up, so it definitely is a 24-hour job being an RA,” McCauley said.

With his involvement in many things on campus, McCauley explained that his schedule changes day-to-day. If he tries to make a schedule for any given day, he said that it almost never happens as planned.

The level of unpredictability makes things exciting on a daily basis.

“I don’t restrict myself to any one area or any one thing each day, and so I think that kind of lends me to being all over the place and having a variety of things happen each day that I don’t expect, but they’re all good things,” McCauley said.

As a senior, McCauley spent much of the first few weeks of the semester completing graduate school applications. He will attend Sacred Heart University for a two-year occupational therapy program beginning in August of this year.

He explained that once he received word of his acceptance, there was very little question about what he would do after graduating from The University.

“I got accepted, and it was somewhere I really wanted to go, so once I got accepted I knew that was definitely where I was going,” McCauley said.

McCauley will graduate from The University in May and begin his graduate education in late August in Connecticut. Given unlimited time, however, McCauley said he would like to travel the world, with Australia being his next destination.

“I would be traveling the world and exploring all new places and maybe finding somewhere one day to settle down that’s completely random but that I would totally fall in love with,” McCauley said.

While McCauley said that travelling might have to wait for a few years, in the meantime he finds himself excited to begin his graduate program once his time at The University comes to an end.