Students and alumni shamrock it forward

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Graduate students and alumni of The University will celebrate Shamrockin’ Eve on Friday, March 10 from 8:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the Byron Center.

Shamrockin’ Eve is a great way for current seniors to connect with past graduates of The University and create vital networks for both the professional and social scene.

According to The University’s website, the first Shamrockin’ Eve was held in 2009 and was founded by recent alumni of The University. Their goal was to reconnect with Scranton graduates and members of their own graduating class before they reached their five year reunion.

The turnout of the 2009 Shamrockin’ Eve was huge because the event doubled as an opportunity to network and achieve higher levels of success than previously thought.

This year, The University has been using the hash tag #Shamrockin’ItForward! The tag spreads awareness about the event but also promotes students and graduates partaking in the event to donate to a relatable cause. Gifts and donations from the Shamrockin’ Eve event will go toward supporting scholarships for current and future University students.

The class that donates the most will receive the prestigious “Class Cup.”

Seniors and graduate students of The University have been waiting for this event all year.

Samantha Kintzley, graduate student of the Class of 2016 and current occupational therapy student at The University, said that Shamrockin’ Eve

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AQUINAS PHOTO / SHAUN CROFTON UNIVERSITY ALUMNI and students reconnect at the annual Shamrockin’ Eve event last year.

was a vital part of her senior year and was another reason to celebrate her Irish heritage.

“The first time I went to Shamrockin’ Eve was because it was another senior event, and I wanted to be part of as many senior events as possible. I also love being Irish, so why not?” Kintzley said.

Other graduate students like Brett Auriemma said that his Shamrockin’ Eve experience was more of a way to get to know people better.

“It was an incredible way to reunite with alumni,” Auriemma said.

As graduate students, both Kintzley and Auriemma have had their own Shamrockin’ Eve experience and are coming back again to relive the moments that they have grown from. Kintzley wants her 2017 Shamrockin’ Eve to be about connecting with her friends, and helping to foster a community for new University students.

“This year it’s more about a lot of my alumni friends are coming back and I’m really excited to see them, but I also love that the proceeds give back to future students so they can love this place as much as I do,” Kintzley said.

Auriemma thinks that Shamrockin’ Eve 2017 will also focus more on seeing old friends and members of his class.

“Going back to Shamrockin’ Eve this year will allow me to see my graduating class again,” Auriemma said.

Graduate student Ralph Pentagna, class of 2016, reflected on his Shamrockin’ Eve experience from the past year and has a positive outlook for the 2017 event.

“I saw it as a fun event to support my fellow students as well as to see and connect with alumni that I knew over my four years at Scranton,” Pentagna said. “I’m really looking forward to seeing a lot of alumni from my own class again and celebrating in Scranton like we did for four years.

Current seniors are itching to go to the ever so popular event that they have heard about for four years.

Senior nursing student Jordan King says he was attracted to Shamrockin’ Eve because of its value in connecting with others.
“I wanted to go to Shamrockin’ Eve to reconnect with friends that are no longer at Scranton. I’m looking forward to being with them and my friends that I get to see every day,” King said.

Senior health administration major Craigh Morgan said that what drew him to attend Shamrockin’ Eve was the last time he would see most of his senior friends.

“Well for me, it’s the last gathering I’ll have with all my senior friends,” Morgan said.

Mike Kozlowski, who is also a health administration major, is looking forward to the event to catch up with graduates and enjoy a great night celebrating a great holiday.

“I want to go to -’ Eve to catch up with alumni friends who graduated and enjoy a great night with my senior friends to celebrate St. Patrick’s day,” Kozlowski said.

Senior occupational therapy major Kathleen Liebsch believes that going to Shamrockin’ Eve is somewhat of a tradition here at The University

“Everyone from past years enjoyed the event, and it seems like a big senior tradition to go,” Liebsch said. “I also have a lot of alumni friends who are coming back for it as well so it will be nice to reconnect with them.

Whether it be the first time going or the fifth time going, Shamrockin’ Eve has established its place in Scranton tradition for years to come and provides a positive atmosphere for students past and present to connect and live up their Scranton days

If you would like to donate to the Shamrockin’ Eve foundation, visit The University’s website or text Shamrock to 91999 to make your gift.

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