New Student Government Candidates


  • Angela McGovern is a sophomore from Yardley, PA. She is majoring in Marketing, with a minor in Psychology. Angela has served as a Class of 2019 Senator for the past two years, and hopes to continue serving in this position. On student government, Angela is the chairman of the Safety, Justice, and Service Committee. This means she works closely with Campus Ministries, University Police, the Multicultural Center, and other related offices. For the past two years, she has been dedicated to ensuring that student’s opinions are being recognized and that safety on campus is always a top priority. She also serves on a board to organize the logistics of this year’s Spring Street Sweep. Angela is driven by her desire to make the students feel at home in the Scranton community, and she can further this goal by continuing to serve on the Student Senate. Angela is also an Orientation Assistant, overall leader for the SPARKservice program, member of Omega Beta Sigma Honors Society, and intern at the Center for Career Development. She looks forward to working more with the student body by making dream clubs a reality, and the facilities here on campus even better. Angela has the motivation, enthusiasm, and experience to be the best fit for your Class of 2019 Senator.


  • Brian Kilner is a first year student from Rockville, MD, running for re-election as a Class of 2020 Senator. Brian attended Gonzaga College High School, another Jesuit institution, in Washington, D.C., so he is familiar with the Jesuit ideals and the value of a Jesuit education. At Gonzaga, Brian was a member of the crew team, the National Honor Society, the National Spanish Honor Society, and a retreat leader for Kairos and other retreats. Brian attended the F.I.R.S.T. week of service and has previously participated in service in Washington, D.C. and Costa Rica. At
    Scranton, Brian is a member of the SJLA Honors Program, works in the Center for Service and Social Justice, and is involved in intramural sports and the Cura Personalis RLC. In his free time, Brian enjoys watching and playing sports and just spending time with friends.



  • Colleen Rohr is a freshman Marketing major from Audubon, PA. She is actively involved on campus through her membership in the Business Club, Marketing Society, Mentor Young Minds program, Eucharistic ministry, Women’s Rugby, and intramural sports. She also is a Social Media Intern at the Center for Career DevelopmentSlide 1. Colleen was involved with Student Council in high school and would like to have the opportunity to contribute to making positive improvements here at The University of Scranton.









  • Enis Murtaj is running for one of the two commuter senator positions in The University’s Student Government. Murtaj is commuter student majoring in accounting. He lives about twenty minutes away in Clarks Summit. At his high school, Abington Heights, he served as Senior Class President, Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook, Vice President and Co-Founder of the Student Leadership Forum, Senior Senator, NHS member, Student Council member, and
    Diversity Club member. He said he wants to bring his dedication and enthusiastic energy to The University serving the underrepresented commuter population. Murtaj describes himself as a very hard working individual and said he will bring his great work ethic to the office in which he is running for. Murtaj said he is running for the position – not for the title – but to do what he truly loves which is serve his classmates and fellow commuters.


  • Born in Syracuse, New York, Juliana Melara is a current Sophomore Senator seeking re-election to Student Government for the upcoming 2016-2017 academic year as a Junior Senator. As a Sophomore Senator, Juliana has been very active in representing her constituents. She has co-authored several club charters, creating new club sports on campus. She is currently working on several committees on behalf of Student Government, including the Middle States Re-Evaluation Steering Committee and the University Governance Council Sub-Committee for Smoking Policy Evaluation. ASlide 1dditionally, Juliana continually works to make changes to the incoming First-Year Housing Survey. Juliana is a dual major in Psychology and Philosophy, as well as a member of the Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program. She is actively involved in many clubs and organizations on campus including Residence Life, Student Faculty Research Program, Campus Ministries International Service Program, and Performance Music Choir. Juliana has proven to possess the leadership experience, drive, and dedication to represent The University of Scranton Class of 2019. Juliana hopes to continue to be a voice for all students and make positive change on campus.




  • Fahad Ashraf is running for the position of Class of 2020 Senator. He is a biology major from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, and he has loved every minute of his time at The University of Scranton so far. He currently serves as a Class of 2020 Senator thanks to the votes of his peers last semester and has learned a lot from the experience, which includes writing bills to start new clubs on campus, addressing the concerns of his fellow students, and Slide 1striving to improve campus life in any way he can. Fahad is also involved in the SJLA program, Health Professions Organization, and is an Orientation Assistant for the upcoming summer. He’s always looking for new friends and strives to be as approachable as possible, aiming to ultimately serve as a bridge between students and faculty. If once again given the honor of receiving your votes and being elected to Student Government, Fahad Ashraf will incorporate everything he has learned from his previous experience and work even harder to represent the Class of 2020 in the upcoming school year. Think broad, vote Fahad!





  • Kaylee Burns is a rising senior with a double major in accounting and philosophy. She is a member of the Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program, the Omega Beta Sigma Women’s Business Honor Society , and the Cheerleading Team. Kaylee has been the Off-Campus Senator on Student Government since the Spring of 2016, and hopes for the opportunity to continue serving our community through this role in her senior year!






  • Kim Baxter is a current freshman from Philadelphia, PA. She is a double major in political science and criminal justice with a dream to become a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. She has thoroughly enjoyed her first semester
    here at the U and hopes to have another fun and successful semester. Here at Scranton, she participates in many jobs and activities. During the week she works as a file clerk for a law firm, a tour guide for admissions, and a student development officer for the office of annual giving. Also, she will be an orientation assistant for this upcoming summer, and a resident assistant for next year. However, not all her time is spent working, in her spare time she participates in Student Government, Acapella, Chess Club, and Cura Personalis’ social justice pillar. Her favorite part about the University of Scranton is the people. She enjoys the encouraging and smiley community as it has become her home away from home. She would like to thank Ms. Rebecca Haggerty for guiding her this past semester as she adjusted to college and for continuing to support her in her endeavors. Kim would like to re-run for senator for next year because she believes she has a lot to offer and wants to continue helping and making a difference for her fellow peers.



  • Madalyne Sunday has been a proud resident of the Scranton area for twenty years as well as serving two years as a commuter senator. Having graduated from Scranton Preparatory School, Madalyne has displayed exceptional achievement through scholarly and athletic effort. Graduating top in her class as well as participating on a state
    ranked soccer team, Madalyne has displayed tremendous dedication to all aspects of her endeavors. She also has completed over 100 hours of service in the Scranton and New York City communities; from tutoring to cleaning kitchens, Madalyne has touched the lives of many underprivileged individuals. Madalyne is also actively volunteering at Moses Taylor Hospital while juggling research, student government, and the honors program. Madalyne is also an orientation assistant for the summer of 2017 and is taking part in the International Service program with her trip to Guatemala this summer. If elected, Madalyne hopes to continue to use the Student Government to help commuters with adapting to the college lifestyle. Madalyne is majoring in biology on the pre-med track in the hopes of becoming a doctor.







  • Marcus Gurega is a freshman with an international studies major at the University of Scranton. His experSlide 1ience reaches out of the US. Marcus lived in a small country called Slovakia for almost 17 years which made him experience a European culture and a different educational system. Later he moved to NJ where he finished HS at Don Bosco Prep. This made Marcus have a piece of America as well as Europe. Marcus is a team player, he started playing hockey when he was 6 years old and now plays for the University. This ability of being a team player is very important because this shows how Marcus is good with communicating, and understanding students’ needs so he can come up with the best s
    olution possible. With these and many other abilities and values Marcus Gurega will do everything he can to satisfy what the students of the University of Scranton want.




  • Matthew Coughlin is Political Science and Philosophy major from Jenkintown, PA, who participates in SJLA, the Honors Program, Admissions Tour Guide, intramurals, and the Philosophy Society. His goal is vastly improving the Scranton campus experience. Students shouldn’t feel that Student Government is on the administration’s side, they should feel Student Government is on their side. Matthew Coughlin wants to be a candidate who every person knows is thSlide 1eir Senator. He asks, “Can you name all four of your current Senators? Can you name one? Shouldn’t you recognize and know your Senators?” He wants students to come forward and imagine a better Scranton. The simple truth is that Scranton needs senators who take action rather than use Student Government as a résumé builder. Matt wants to uproot and redesign the first-year housing questionnaire, bring in more concerts to campus, and make Student Government a place where there are no excuses and Senators work to better campus. Matt states, “You decide if you want a someone who you KNOW takes action, or someone who just wants to run as a résumé builder.” Know your vote Matters. Vote Matt Coughlin for Class of 2019.




  • Michaelangelo Messina is a rising Junior Healthcare Administration major from Commack, NY. He is a member of the Healthcare Administration Society, participates in intramural sports, and has seven years of experience pr
    oviding efficient assistance to patients in need of preventative and surgical healthcare services. Michaelangelo has continuously exemplified hard work and determination through these various activities. He displays ambition and
    passion in reaching all his goals. As a natural born leader, his main objective is to improve the Scranton experience for all members of the community. Living off campus comes with great responsibilities and gives students the opportunity to learn how to become independent. This is a transitional phase for all students and he wants to be a helping hand to all. Michaelangelo Messina will be able to provide the Scranton community with great assistance in anything they need. His goal is to make all YOUR goals come true!




  • Noni Murithi, Class of 2018 is running for the position of Commuter senator for the 2017-2018 Academic Year. She is from Clarks Summit, PA and graduated from Abington Heights in 2014. At the University of Scranton, Noni is majoring in International Studies with a French Minor. She has served on Student Government as the Commuter Senator for the 2016-2017 academic year. In addition, Noni is an officer for for ACEI Club, competes in Inter-collegiate Mock European Simulation and is a University of Scranton cheerleader. Noni is looking forward to working with Student Government to continue improving the campus experience for commuter students and student body as a whole.


  • Paige Nonnenmacher is a sophomore Exercise Science Major aspiring to go into Physical Therapy. Throughout her time at Scranton, Paige has served as a Royal Ambassador, a Club Council Board Director, and a Residential Senator. In her spare time, she volunteers with the March of Dimes Organization as a Junior Executive Team Leader.
    Currently, Paige is seeking to continue her role on Student Government as a returning Residential Senator to voice the concerns of her constituents and address any initiatives regarding on-campus life. Her philosophy is to continue building on the great foundation of The University of Scranton.






  • Peter Zabiegala is a sophomore running for Commuter Senator. He is an Economics and International Business double major from East Mountain in Scranton. Zabiegala is an active member of the university community, being the founder and president of the Polish Cultural Society, representative for Business Club and an outspoken member oSlide 1f PRISM. He is a hardworking and dedicated individual committed to represent his constituents’ needs and concerns. He hopes to see more commuter involvement especially through the Commuter Student Association and Student Government. His goals are to increase commuter involvement and increase transparency in Student Government itself.






  • Steven Browning and Lauren Tomasic are both junior exercise science majors, running for President and Vice President of Student Government for the 2017-2018 school year. They have served as Class of 2018 senators since their first year at Scranton, and both Browning and Tomasic have worked as members of the Campus Life & Dining committee. During their time in the senate these juniors have worked to charter numerous clubs, spearheaded the project to repaint Fitzpatrick Field, and are currently in the process of helping to revamp Street Sweep. Throughout their three years at Scranton, both have been involved in various aspects of campus, and have had a variety of leadership experiences. Browning and Tomasic are both members, and officers, of the Ultimate frisbee team; have served on the orientation team, with Browning working as an Orientation Team Leader; both were part of FIRST, with Tomasic acting as a FIRST team leader this past year; both have been involved in Campus ministries as retreat
    participants and leaders; and both are work-study students. In addition, Steven is currently studying abroad at The University of Western Cape in Cape Town, South Africa, and Lauren is pursuing a second major as member of SJLA. Browning and Tomasic believe that their experiences as leaders, their participation in Student Government, and their involvement around campus has allowed them to understand how the different parts of The University operate, and has given them the opportunity to meet many people. If elected for the 2017-2018 school year, Browning and Tomasic hope to continue to improve s
    tudent life by putting an emphasis on strengthening student and faculty relationships, working to make our campus a more sustainable environment, and improving student health services. Browning and Tomasic believe they have the drive and determination to not only create, but to instill changes, for the betterment of the student body. They hope to have the opportunity to use their knowledge and experiences to serve this community as President and Vice President of the 2017-2018 Student Government and continue to give students a voice.



  • A strong work ethic and dedication are two overwhelmingly powerful traits that have been instilled into Renzo Barrenechea’s character from a young age. Son of two first generation immigrants, Renzo knows exactly what it means to work diligently towards a goal, and possesses the mental fortitude required to lead. This was proven in his selection to his high school’s National Honor Society chapter, and the position of Captain that was bestowed upon him in both of his high school sports, Soccer and Track & Field. It can be guaranteed that, if elected, Renzo Barrenechea will work unrelentingly towards the achievement and advancement of his, and your, graduating class of 2020.


  • From Newtown Square Pennsylvania, Seth Bower is a Political Science major with the ambition of taking a seat in the class of 2018 Senate. Having already served two years as a representative of the University’s baseball team for the Student- Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), he plans on taking his leadership and people skills outside the athletic community. His experience from the Student- Athlete Advisory Committee has taught Seth the importance of communication between students and the administration. While retaining an outstanding rapport with his professors, Seth is able to balance school work, baseball, and community service. Acknowledging the importance of community service, Seth believes it is his duty to serve his peers that have been so supportive of him through the past three years. Enthusiastic about having the chance to represent his fellow classmates, Seth believes he could be a voice for people who are less inclined to speak up for issues of their concerns. Some issues that Seth is concerned with are mental and physical health, as well as bridging the gap between student and administration communications. It would be an honor for Seth to serve you as a representative in the class of 2018 Senate.


  • Zoë Haggerty is from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania and is a member of the Class of 2020. She is a double major in biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology (BCMB) and philosophy, and she is part of the SJLA program. Zoë is hoping to study the field of genetics, and work to improve understandings of genetically inherited disorders. She loves running, ice cream, and her two little sisters. Zoë also loves service work, and spent a portion of the
    past summer volunteering at Marley’s Mission, a local nonprofit organization that offers equine-assisted therapy to children who have experienced trauma. Zoë is also a board member of the Marley’s Mission Gala Committee, and in the past has served as a board member on her local church’s Pastoral Council and as president of her high school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. These experiences have given Zoë the opportunity to work and communicate well with others in order to achieve a common goal, qualities she believes important in one running for a Senate position. After being elected in the fall semester, Zoë served as one of the four Class of 2020 Senators and worked with her fellow senators to write bills, allocate new initiative funding, and pass eight club charters. She is exciting to be running again for the Class of 2020 seat.